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So i think Nordstrom needs to take note to how the seattle employees Courtney from bridal in particular treat customers that are not white. I am a black woman and i was instructed by my client to return his sport jacket.

I called in advance and was told to come in and they would help me out. So I drove into town and upon arrival it was taken into account that Im black. I noticed a change in everything. Another employee was called for a second opinion who was rude and just down right catty.

She sad my item smelled and was dirty. Which was not true. She just wanted to say she thought I was smelly I assumed. I left horrified and my male client who is white went and returned the item a week later with no issues and not one question.

This just made me sick, I will never spend my money at Nordstrom again. I will shop where Im treated with respect and care. Very upsetting. The store manager wanted to talk to me, but I was so upset I didnt know what good it would do now after I was already embarrased and made a spectacle in front of three bitchy self righteous employees who really need to get over them self.

One was named courtney and one was named Hadley or Hayley, Ryan ?

Works in Indie/studio and was so fake it was not even funny. They can actually smile through their rudeness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nordstrom Manager.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Bad customer service.

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Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #1285708

Go get them and raise the roof.

1. This sounds like they thought they could intimidate you into keeping the jacket.

*Not* a new tactic in retail -- I'm white and over 50 and all my life I would get this all the time unless I had charged it on credit card (as store would not want the charge back if I complain to card company -- typical cost to merchant is $65). Now? I still avoid returns but always, always charge the purchases and make an IMMEDIATE return as soon as something is not right -- often seeking out the same salesperson for the return as they are still looking for commissions from my repeat business.

2. Retail sales people take any tactic to avoid returns...

I'm sure these jerks would treat anyone the same if they thought they could get away with it and not have a credit card chargeback.

3. No doubt they also hassled you about a receipt?

4. Some retailers have policies where they feel there is a shoplifting or other scam if the returned merchandise is being returned by a 3rd party or person who is not a card holder.

This is their excuse for "in store credit" which is typically a major rip-off used by small stores that "lose" records and won't honor the "credit" later. This happens frequently with "gift" items that may lack original receipt.

to Nordstrom not needed #1285719

I can assure you the employees could not care less about who is returning something.


Makes sense to me why you'd be pissed, they were nice on the phone, rude in person, white friend has no problem.I've seen lots of that *** over the years there, not just race but to beauty and size.

Ignore these a**h**es telling you you are wrong, they are probably the racist, rude and ignorant Nordstrom employees trying to save their jobs.



A Caucasian Nordstrom shopper

to Anonymous Vallejo, California, United States #1171475

Yeah, anyone that disagrees with a negro must definitely be a racist, rude and ignorant Nordstrom employee.

to Anonymous #1171980

Keyboard warriors galore. Not sure about the workers, but you, for sure, are racist.

to Anonymous Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #1285711

"Nordstrom employees trying to save their jobs"? Um, more like trying to save their commission money.

If they are working clothing retail, where basically no skill is needed except being able to manipulate people ("Oh, that looks great on you") they get a commission based on sales; returns get deducted from sales and commissions reduced.

Racism, "classism" (you don't look wealthy enough to shop here), ageism, you name it -- retailers have been doing this *** for years. Once my father had to flag down a friend who worked in a retail store inside the store because he wanted to spend $200 cash on a new wallet and belt -- none of the "clerks" would wait on him because he was in his "work clothes".

This was 1974. $200 was a lot of money.

South San Francisco, California, United States #1139210

I over charged at Nordstrom today. They must have singled me out because I am white. I hate racists.


That is a shame. Sounds like Nordstrom needs to open they're eyes and stop being racist.

I am white and can clearly see the prejudice in the matter. Honey you should go above the store manager like corporate. That was the only way I solved my issue at a store. Corporate will also take out steps to try and reduce the risk of this happening again.

The store manager is very sweet at down town Seattle and it may be worth speaking to her. I do consumer experiments and also secret shop analysis. So I have had contact with managers far and wide.

Good luck and I hope you can sort this out. You deserve a gift card at least from the company to apologize for they're ignorant actions.


Obviously all of the comments below are from white people. As a black woman, if you say that the employees completely changed their attitude when they got to you I BELIEVE YOU.

It happens all of the time and I've experienced it plenty of times. White blonde hair blue eyed folks get special treatment whether they are nice or not. I've seen white folks go off and curse out store employees and still get treated like their *** doesn't stink. I would go ahead and speak with the manager and call those chicks out on their behavior.

Don't let them get away with it.

And don't let the white people commenting below discourage you. They'll never know our experiences.


Not everything is about race. White people experience lousy, irrational customer service too.


I'm saying they are racist not me. I am most definitely not.

I was adopted as a child by white parents. I was treated like trash over an item I needed to return for my employer. He is elderly and I run all his errands and appointments. Well I did have proof of purchase and was still denied the return and basically laughed at and mocked and told I must smell or something because why else would I be told my item stunk.

Mind it had been dry cleaned and only ever tried on not worn. I left with my dignity before I was torn to shreds. Also it was strange how some security guard stood by while I was there. Really rude especially because I'm no criminal and I was doing nothing wrong.

I didn't write your return policy. Anyway my client ended up going to same Nordstrom same dept and returned the item with no issues at all just a sorry for it not working. Did I mention he's white. He is also angry and wants reasons for this because it is not right.

And no it was not from the good will or some used store I had all my proof of purchase. I would never be that tacky or foul.

to Anonymous South San Francisco, California, United States #1112827

I am pretty sure he is well known at that store, and you are not. I would suggest that if you do not like the way you are treated then talk to your "people" about not shoplifting at Nordstroms and then trying to return items without a receipt for cash.

Stereotypes are not created from fiction.

Congratulations on being raised by white people. Surely, you do not deserve this treatment.

to Anonymous South San Francisco, California, United States #1127410

Maybe you should have let the people at Nordstrom know you had white parents. Do you think your treatment would have been better?

to Anonymous South San Francisco, California, United States #1129158

Right! Black lives, raised by white lives, matter! Apparently though, even if you are black and raised by whites, you still end up with a sense of entitlement that you should never experience bad customer service and that everything you experience must be based on racism.

to Anonymous #1134130

Wow your a major *** hole who obviously hates life talking down to this young lady. Does it make you feel good.

Not everyone is a thief and why would you think she had stolen items. I'm sure there are people who do steal but you can't assume that emmediately. What are you some over worked loss prevention officer who wants to be a cop. Leave the poor girl alone.

You must have no idea about racism and you have no idea who her friend is either. People are so foul these days.

If you didn't like her experience I suggest keep the vile comments to yourself .

to Anonymous #1134133

Really wow. Your so witty.

She never said she deserved better treatment just fair treatment. I am African American and I have a high status job and spend thousands whilst shopping and I still get treated indifferent when the staff don't recognize me. Then it changes as soon as I flip out my card.

So you are taking this somewhere no one was trying to go. Get a life.


It sounds like you didn't have the receipt or proof of purchase.

As a former Nordstrom employee I can tell you that because of the generous return policy, people come in with used and worn items and demand a refund on a regular, very irritating basis. It's downright humiliating to the employees to have to listen to a customer without the proper proof of purchase.

If it has spots or smells worn it may have come from the Goodwill. It's the companies money but it's an ugly moment for the employee.

This was the hardest part of the job and I don't miss it.

Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany #1092388

Let me see if I understand this correctly: you are stating the employees are racist because they are white and you are black. So, you are making a stereotype and judging people based on the colour of their skin?!

Do you know who stereotypes and judges people based on their skin colour?

So, tell me again who is the racist! Think about it.

to Anonymous #1092600

They are prejudiced....because you have same article of clothing being returned by two different people...article of clothing only considered acceptable for return from a white patron....and she doesnt have to prove white people are racist....there are 400 years of documented history that proves white people can be viscous racist...".We will never forget"

to Imnottryintohearthat #1097175

You are a racist pig if you believe it's just white people that can be "vicious racist"... (yes you misspelled a word - I'm only pointing it because I'm obviously white and you are obviously black - guess that makes me a racist now)... You truly make me sick.

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