What is wrong with Nordstrom management?

Disgusted to see flags at the door promoting support to the LGBT and other such {{Redacted}}. Time to go shopping elsewhere.

Nordstrom used to be a classy store, not any longer pandering since to such groups. We have been shopping here for years and always enjoyed a light lunch and your special tomato soup and margarita pizza. If this is where your business is directed we will definitely look for another store.

What is wrong with your management, you obviously have the freedom to do what you want, please STOP pushing it in our face. We also have FREEDOM to shop elsewhere. Goodbye

Reason of review: Your support for LGBT.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Point in fact for you, most LGBT tend to have more disposable income at their disposal then your average hetro/breeder. As they dont have to worry about supporting a husband/wife/children ect.

Why shouldn’t they pander to the group that has the money? Is this not America? Do we not live in a capitalist society? Most LGBT have the same values that you do and only want equality.

Maybe stop being so intolerant. Maybe STOP looking at just one aspect of LGBT and focus on what you have that’s similar. YOU need to keep your nose out of their bedrooms and stop using that to vilefy companies or groups that offer them some support. Another point for you.

The biggest problem I have seen is those that fight so hard to condemn another group tend to secretly be a big supporter. Learn some tolerance bigot and your life will be better for it.


Sounds like you wouldn't want to actually eat there anyway, given Nordstrom's new clientele.

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