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Your store has crossed the line and i will be taking my business elsewhere, along with many family members who are following suit, for dropping Ivanka's clothing line. How dare you enter the political arena and try to be a "bully" when in reality you are nothing but a clothing store??

I could care less what your political views are except when you are trying to dictate what others with differing views should feel. You certainly are no different than the flaming left who have an itch they cant scratch....accept the fact you lost and we have a new sheriff in town who was voted in.

Not another penny of my money will be spent in your store and hopefully the citizens of our great country who dont live in a bubble will fill the same. No more Nordstroms!

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #1285977

Why should a business be compelled to carry a line of clothing that does not sell well?


I am with you!

Miami, Florida, United States #1284812

Your business isn't going to be missed. No matter what you say your absence at that establishment will not hurt their business.

Say all you want about taking your business elsewhere and your family will follow suite....that is just *** thinking if you honestly believe that you and your family alone will hurt this fantastic company. Head on to Wal*Mart where you probably primarily shop.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1284756

Get over yourself, Trumpster

to Anonymous Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom #1284757

Uggghhhh! Ridiculous American!

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