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I am so disappointed at the customer service I received today mainly because Nordstrom has always been quite stellar in my past interactions with them.

I have been eyeing a pair of sunglasses for a long time that had a sale price of $69.97. I found out through Facebook that they were having the "Clear the Rack" sale in a few days which gives an additional 25% off of the existing sale price. Therefore, I held off of buying the item (and crossed my fingers that it would still be in stock by the time of the sale too, of course). I literally stalked this item everyday to check the stock to see if it was getting low. If it was getting low (like 1 or 2 left), I would've ditched the 25% sale and just bought it.

Low and behold a couple pairs were still in stock when the day of the sale came! Yay! I immediately added it to my cart because it clearly said on the item page that it was eligible for the 25% off sale. However, I noticed something wasn't right. The price was still $69.97 when it was supposed to be $52.50 after the 25% off. I checked the other items I bought and surely enough, it took the 25% off of those so it should for this one too. But for some reason, it did not for this item. I bought it anyway and I waited until morning for customer service to be available so that they could manually correct this technical issue for me and refund me the difference.

I calmly explained the situation through chat with a rep named "Gegham P". He insisted that $69.97 was the final price after all discounts. Well that obviously isn't right. After about 10 minutes of deliberating with his supervisor, the verdict, in short, was "Sorry, it is $69.97, can't do anything about it". I was shocked.

OMG. These people obviously don't know how to do simple math and handle a simple situation. How is 25% off $69.97 still $69.97??? They are not recognizing a technical error in the discount of this item on the site when they should be. I thought this was going to be very routine, but it turned out to be an embarrassing ordeal. I only wish I had taken a dated screenshot prior to the sale so they can see for themselves that it was $69.97 already. I am being 100% honest.

I can't believe the supervisor is an *** too. Is this really the level of customer service they hire? I will certainly be writing to Nordstrom corporate to complain. This is now a trust issue.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. BirchGirl stated that there is a room for improvement of bad customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "poor customer service and pricing issue" of sunglasses. Nordstrom needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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I use to work in a nordstrom rack store, even though I have many complaints about the company, I can tell you they are correct in this instance. The Clear The Rack sales only apply to clearance merchandise.

Any item that ends in 97 cents is NOT clearance and therefore not subject to 25% off during the sales. If the price of the sunglasses had ended in any other number than .97 then it would have been 25% off. The only exception to this rule is in the store when we sell items that were previously sold online or at a full-line Nordstrom store (Those can end in .97 and still be clearance, but will be marked with a red or blue tag). But since your purchase was online, I can say with full certitude that any item ending in .97 isn't on clearance.

However, I do agree with you that HauteLook (aka customer service is poor.

You can return items for the website in stores for a full refund. There have been several instances where I had to call them on behalf of a customer because there was an issue with the return and they were not that helpful. In one particular instance where I was unable to process a return for a customer, they told me I had to give a refund to the customer myself.

I told them how can I refund something that the customer didn't buy at our store and they basically told me that was my problem. In the end, I gave up and created a ticket for the item (which the customer clearly purchased online) and gave a store refund.

to Anonymous #1136263

Why on earth would it say "additional 25% off" on the item page then? How would the customer know that "items ending in .97 are not on clearance" (it does not say that anywhere on the site) if it clearly says that it is on the item page? Either way, Nordstrom is misleading customers.


I returned several items to Nordstrom Rack via mail. On 3/15/2016 only a few of the items were credited to my account.

I called CS and they told me that all the items had been returned, and they assured me that my account would be credited in 5-7 business days. It is now 3/24/16 and my account still has not been credited and I have was charged interest on almost $300 worth of items that have been returned. Now on my 5th call to Nordstrom trying to deal with this. I sent a message to CS and was told to call.

This is ridiculous.

Seriously re-thinking doing any online business with Nordstrom ever again. Definitely done with Nordstrom Rack, the reason for the return is that they sent me the wrong items in the first place!

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