I ordered hundreds of dollars worth of items as a first time Nordstrom online clothes buyer. There was no indication at my time of purchase that any items were not available.

But after taking my money, Nordstrom emails started coming in that one item is cancelled, another item is cancelled, another item is delayed. Finally after an exceptionally long wait, I received a few items -- half of which were in the wrong size. The most important item, a dress needed for a special event, never came. (I had started my ordering process 3 weeks ahead this should have been plenty of time.) I called the phone number for customer service and after an automated message, there was just dead air and no one answering.

Tried calling again, same thing. Switched to the online chat, and got a rep who told me that the dress was "delayed until October" (?!) I placed the order in early June. Worst online shopping experience ever! I've had to cancel and scramble to order from other online stores now, which is costing me lots of extra money for rush shipping to still try to get a dress for the special event.

I'm never buying from Nordstrom's again, what a ripoff!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I was told that my name is odd and that they couldn’t tell me why my order came as fraudulent when paying with a *** gift card. How does that even happen man.

A *** gift card...

had the same issue with my visa so I thought *** it let me buy this with my gift card, they cant *** that up. Sure enough they can.

to James #1540514

Hi did they ever resolve your problem? I'm having the same exact issue and they are claiming fraudulent charges but I have legit gift cards. It's so annoying I'm about to cash them in a not ever shop at nordstrom again.

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