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My roommate ordered earrings for me for Christmas. When they arrived, they weren't in a box and therefore the post backs were bent!

I went to a retail store in Santa Monica to return them/exchange them. They didn't have them at the store, but the employee literally said they had 5 left in their system. She did the exchange and according to the receipt, I would have new earrings back within 5-8 business days. After a couple of weeks I called the store and was directed to customer service.

Turns out they CANCELED my order because they didn't have any more of the earrings and in an unemotional and unapologetic voice, the rep told me they didn't have my email so they didn't tell me (but they have my phone number).

Didn't offer this as some sort of consolation..I had to ASK what I should do regarding my credit for the earrings and she just said, "'re gonna have to go back to the store to get it on a gift card." Never felt the need to write about one's customer service department until now. SO UPSET!

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