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I have been a loyal customer to Nordstrom for many years now and have always loved the store, the inventory, and the services they provide. Yesterday I went to the West Hartford location to have my watch battery replaced. I bought my watch from Nordstrom and have had it adjusted there before.

When arriving at the watch counter, not only was it understaffed with many people waiting for over 15 minutes, the other employees who did come around didn't offer to help out at all.

Finally someone asked if I needed help and I told them yes. I said I bought my watch here and the battery needs to be replaced. The young girl who came over informed me that they couldn't do that.

After I asked why and where I was supposed to get it done since I bought it there, the older woman who was originally working at the counter butted in and rudely told me to go a stand on the other side of the mall. I asked what the name of the stand was and she replied "I don't know, but they replace batteries." I asked if they would charge. Her reply was "Yes, of course".

I then proceeded to ask if they could just take the back off for me. The older lady butted in again and said "No". When I asked why the reply was "We don't do that". So now I have a watch with the back on and a dead battery that I bought from Nordstrom. Thanks a lot.

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Nordstrom does not provide watch batteries to my knowledge. Yes they will adjust and size but they are not in the business of providing or even selling batteries. If you are so unhappy with them, why don't you return the watch and buy one with a fresh battery?


The fact that your upset that Nordstrom can't replace your battery is pathetic. Figure out what battery it has, purchase it, and put it in yourself. That simple.


Stop being a cheapskate :eek Just like any other good you buy with a battery if it does you pay to replace it's not free. Clearly you are a loyal shopper if can't afford watch battery. :grin


Maybe if you spelled better, they would have serviced you better...

Warrensburg, New York, United States #712745

I made this complaint to show my disappointment in the way the workers handled it. I'm sorry you don't understand that.

Either your a bad customer service provider as well or you just don't have a life. Bye

to Anonymous #1367889



It says right in you warranty that batteries are not included in warranty. Nordstrom is great about sending watches out to the vendor to have them repaired but most retailers do not repair or replace batteries in store.

Only a well trained watch repair specialist or manufacturer should be working on the internal part of a watch. I'm not sure why you would think any different

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #693025

Why didn't you go to the place you were directed to go to. Just because you bought your watch at Nordstroms doesn't mean they will change the battery free of charge.

Basically it is your fault for not following directions, that you now have a watch that has a dead battery.

Why would you want them to take the back off, unless you planned to buy a battery and install it yourself.

to anonymous Nantucket, Massachusetts, United States #710776

That's exactly what I planned on but at least this way I wouldn't have to pay some low life stand worker a service fee for something they had the tools to do right in front of them. It was they're attitude and disrespect to customers at a high end store that was in acceptable, not that they couldn't do the battery change.

to Anonymous #922602

Are you KIDDING ME? What kind of raging elitist are you that you call somebody who's performing a service that you are clearly incapable of doing yourself a "low life."

Go get yourself some class, please!

to Anonymous #1035446

Ubsolutely pathetic person for complaining about something's nag like thi.

to Anonymous #1498946

This is possibly the most ridiculous complaint I've ever read. You sound like the most awful kind of person.

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